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VAIL LIVING WELL programming focuses on all facets of health and well-being. Presenters are proven experts and peak performers in the fields of fitness, nutrition, psychology, medicine and cutting edge research. With over 20 experiential sessions each day to choose from, you are in control of your focus for the weekend and experiences.




Firdaus Dhabhar Ph.D.

Dr. Dhabhar is Director of Research, Stanford Center on Stress & Health, and a member of the Cancer Institute, Immunology Institute, and Neuroscience Program at Stanford University. He specializes in studying the effects of stress on immunity and health. He was the first to discover mechanisms by which short-term stress physiology enhances the body's immune defenses to increase protection during a fight-or-flight response. He has proposed that fight-or-flight stress is generally “good” stress and represents one of Mother Nature's fundamental but under-appreciated survival systems. He is working on harnessing this system clinically to boost protective immune responses during surgery, vaccination, and cancer. Dr. Dhabhar also investigates mechanisms through which long-term or chronic stress increases chronic inflammation, accelerates immune cell aging, and has harmful effects on brain and body. Working with colleagues at Stanford, UCSF, and UC Davis, Dr. Dhabhar has become keenly interested in developing practical and sustainable interventions to minimize “bad” stress and maximize “good” stress, in order to promote health and healing. He believes that activities/interventions (e.g. exercise, meditation, compassion, art, music) that reduce bad stress are likely to increase well-being and the protective effects of good stress, and to facilitate kind and caring behavior at the level of the individual and society.